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15 Jul 2020

AI Based Mask Checker App

En-masker, It is an AI-based platform designed to make sure that people use face masks in order to flatten the curve of the corona. Its implementation can impel employees (especially cab drivers an..
10 May 2020

Protect from Covid19

Know how it spreads   Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are..
11 Oct 2019

Big Data: How massive it is

This term refers to datasets that are massive in size. Data is being added in them continuously and they are further increasing in size. Here we are talking about petabytes(1024 TB) or maybe exabyt..
3 Sep 2019

Cloud computing: AZURE

CLOUD COMPUTING PLATFORMS: AZURE   Microsoft Azure was earlier launched as Windows Azure. It is cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft to manage, test and run applications and..
27 Aug 2019

Cloud computing: AWS

Cloud Computing Platforms: AWS   Amazon web services is a leading cloud computing platform which provides services like storage and management of databases, providing security and othe..
8 Aug 2019

Cloud Computing: Service on demand

Cloud computing   This new technology is based on sharing resources for managing, processing and storage of data. Delivering and using hosting services on the internet has decreased th..
28 Mar 2019

World Backup Day

World Backup Day is a day for people to learn about the increasing role of data in our lives and the importance of regular backups.   There’s always that one photo, video or memo..
25 Jan 2019

Republic Day tips for better and peaceful life style

Are you living in a metro? Check your life around you, are you happy, healthy, cheerful?   Here are some tips to make your life joyful, increasingly satisfied and enhance the space aro..
23 Jan 2019

Celebrate festivals with your fans and followers

Interact with your customers through attractive social media banners and promote your brand identity.  As per recent survey social media users interact more with image rather than simple t..
27 Dec 2018

Hiring: Professional (Trainee / Intern) Professional (Trainee / Intern)   If you have    Sharp minds, and a desire to learn. Ability to work in a heterogeneous environment.   Despit..
25 Nov 2018

Rahagiri: Health Awareness Event at Ghaziabad

Health is always a prime concern of us. keeping this in mind, Sparsh organized an event “Rahagiri” on Sunday 25th of November with the support of various organizations including DTITS I..
12 Sep 2018

Is your website needs a makeover ?

Your website is your virtual office or store working 24/7. It showcases your unique services or products for your future as well as existing clients. To enhance your brand val..
30 Aug 2018

Stress Buster Game You Can Play In Your 5-Minute Break

Did you ever notice when you travel in Metro or bus or Train, lots of people will be engaged with their mobile sets. Most of them will be playing some games like candy crush etc. it is also very co..
30 Jun 2018

Its time to wish your doctor

Happy Doctors Day   We at DTITS India have extensively  worked with healthcare professional in making the world better and healthy  Our relation with healthcare professio..
25 Jun 2018

Brain Twister: A fun way to learn

Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep you learning outside of the classroom.   Today’s there is more focus than ever on learning at home and using the Internet for the..
14 May 2018

Case Study: website of Health Care Centre

About the Healthcare Centre   PDG Suresh Jain, a philanthropist and visionary and his family decided to set up a centre with affordable facilities in the loving memory of his wife Late..
1 May 2018

Why you need a logo?

Do you really need a logo?     A logo is a combination of text and art, sometimes with a small punch line.  It shows not just the name of business but also a visual s..
14 Apr 2018

Stand out from the crowd with Mobile App

Apps are becoming the latest and most convenient trend of digital interaction. The customers / users always want to be connected wherever they go, Whether they use mobile phones, tablets or other s..
7 Dec 2017

First impression makes the difference

Image and appearance are one of the most important factors when considering building a full functional website.   It’s the first thing visitors take into consideration when deci..
15 Oct 2017

Wishing you a happy Diwali

Here's hoping this festival of lights brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment that stay with you through the days ahead. WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI Team DTI..
11 Oct 2017

Creativity is a wild mind & disciplined eye

When it comes to logo design, anything can be tricky to achieve. In the process of inovation, we ensured that logo remains memorable and distinctive.   The proper use of colors, typogr..
15 Aug 2017

Celebrating 10th years of service

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Partners,   We wish you a happy Independence Day   India's Independence is more special for us, We are now 10 years old. DTITS India came ..
10 Aug 2017

We've just launched another new website!

Welcome to  new and improved Shanti Natural website. With a fresh look and feel and intuitive design, this new website is designed with global client in mind.   We understand toda..
3 Aug 2017

Be aware ! Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2017

The day by which the human race has used up more natural resources than can be replenished in a year—known as Earth Overshoot Day —has been getting earlier for some time. But in 2017, i..
2 Aug 2017

Why you need a responsive website ?

Once upon a time, website design was limited to a particular screen size mainly a desktop. With the increasing use of Mobile & Tablet PC, If anyone tried to access your site from anything other..
28 Jul 2017

Tips for Designing a Great Logo

A logo is not precisely a proving ground of your designing skill. It is progressively a attempt of your design insight and introduction sense.   Each logo has a story to tell. In the e..
24 Jul 2017

Renowned Indian scientist and academician Professor Yash Pal passed away

Renowned Indian scientist and academician Professor Yash Pal passed away on June 24. While the cause of death has not been determined, the 90-year-old was reportedly a cancer survivor and died at h..
22 Jun 2017

Sree Mahavir emerges as one dominant market player in telecom industry

Sree Mahavir was incorporated in 1992 and since then the Company has been creating milestones in the Telecom industry. Sree Mahavir has emerged as one of the dominant market players in South De..
15 Jun 2017

Visit website .Find doctors in your area online and get best medical care

ABOUT DoctorIma It gives us immense pleasure to present before you website of Doctors Interactive Medical Alliance.  We are the biggest representative of doctors practicing modern system..
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